A Place of Enlightenment

By Reverend Charles Tang Sr.

Lanakila ChurchLanakila Church was founded in the year of our Lord 1935, by our Beloved Mother, the late Mrs. Annie Amoy Kaniaupio, better known as �MAMA KAIMI�.

Together with the first pastor, the late Rev. George Charles Lokai, they formed a group that traveled from house to house preaching the gospel. These services were called Cottage Meetings. They were held in the evenings in various sections of Oahu, at Alewa Heights, Puunui, Kaimuki, Kukui Street, School Street, and Houghtailing Road. Later, a small hall in the Lanakila District became their headquarters. Thus, the name Lanakila Church, Ke Akua Ola, began. In 1937, they moved to Kaimuki and began regular services at 3517 Maunalei Avenue, the home of Mama Kaimi.

By expounding the gospel and imparting spiritual guidance, the afflicted were comforted. Steadily the attendance increased and in 1939, with the collections and donations from its members, a little wooden framed Chapel was erected at the back portion of this address. The name Lanakila Church was then established.

It was incorporated and a Charter was granted by the Treasurer of the Territory of Hawaii (State of Hawaii) in the year 1941 under the new name of Lanakila Church, Ekalesia O Ka Euanelio O Iesu Kristo (The Church of the Gospel of Jesus Christ). Therefore, it became an independent denomination, which is, the Church of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With this charter, the corporate powers, rights and privileges are governed by its Board of Trustees.

Progress continued, for in 1941, a parcel of land across the street was purchased. In 1943 the original chapel was moved to this site at 3518 Maunalei Avenue.

Increased membership prompted the erection of a concrete structure to replace the overcrowded chapel. This new church building was dedicated on June 27, 1948

A broader field of activities created interest to people of all walks of life, and therefore, in 1957, it was necessary to construct a concrete Parish Hall, in order to accommodate their needs.

Because of the steady growth and upward trend in children and youth, requiring both guidance and love, it became pertinent to design and erect a clergy room and additional classrooms. This was completed and dedicated on November 30, 1963.

By the same token, and in the same year, this house of God was renovated in its entirety. A combined office and Board Room was constructed in 1965, due to the increased volume of improvements and activities.

All of this was done by the hands of man, the cooperation and support of her members, the unselfish time and effort freely given by mankind, and above all the perfect guidance and unfeigned love of the Almighty God in Heaven.

The object and purpose of her existence is to promote, encourage, and conduct religious, educational, benevolent, charitable and other eleemosynary activities for the uplift of humanity and the promotion of happiness among mankind. It was designed for the general welfare of the community, including conducting and maintaining a church and bible school.

The doctrinal basis is in accordance with the general system of Christian Doctrine, to comply with the Old and New Testament of the Holy Bible, according to the King James Version. It shall work for the salvation of souls, sanctification of the believers and the baptizing with the Holy Spirit, of those sanctified. It shall promote a richer spiritual life among members in particular and among the public in general.

Its foundation is focused towards the virtues of the Beatitudes of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible.

Because she is an independent church, her financial support depends solely upon the love of her members.

Further interest in the teachings of the Gospel as taught by our Church began to develop on the Island of Maui, on February 18, 1973, the pastor, The Reverend Charles Tang Sr. founded and held the first Worship Service at the Paukukalo Hawaiian homestead Community Hall on the Island of Maui, assisted by Reverend Gabino Lacaden. In six months there were approximately 60 people in attendance and a need for a chapel became evident. Rev. Tang rented a store space in Wailuku and converted it into a chapel, November 11, 1973 the pulpit and furnishings were dedicated followed by the first Holy Communion. As of that date, we began to use the Wailuku Chapel for the Worship Services and the Paukukalo site for the Children�s Sunday School. On April 1, 1974 Alexander and Baldwin, Inc. granted the church a 5 year lease on .75 acres of land, including an existing church building and parish hall located in Puunene, Maui. Renovation and refurbishing began immediately and the dedication date was set for August 19, 1974.

In 1980 God opened the way for us to purchase a parcel of land on Kanaloa Avenue, in Kahalui, Maui. Upon the passing of Rev. Charles Tang Sr. in April 1993, the blueprints for our Maui Branch were passed on to the Associate Pastor, Rev. Leonard W.S. Lau, to complete the task of building a new House of Worship. After 20 years on Maui, construction of a Chapel and Multi Purpose facility began on September 15, 1993. The contractor, Allstate Builders and Consultants Inc. were faced with many obstacles and delays. However with Gods love and with many faithful prayers they were able to overcome these challenges and complete this beautiful new House of Worship. Dedication took place in the following year on June 8, 1994.

We believe in Jehovah God, whose Commandments we have broken, and in Jesus Christ, who takest away the sins of the world, and in the Holy Ghost our Comforter�Amen.